Trying Him On For Size Tru Kait Brazzers


Tru Kait Brazzers Tru Kait drops by her sister’s house to borrow some lingerie to wear for her man. She doesn’t realize her sister’s boyfriend, Keiran Lee, is the only one at home. Thinking she’s all alone, she pulls some options out of her sister’s closet and tries on the first set.

Keiran walks in on her and apologizes, but instead of being embarrassed, Tru Kait Brazzers wants to model for him and get his opinion. With Keiran clearly getting more and more flustered and aroused by the sight of Tru Kait Brazzers sweet tits and ass, he tries to hide his growing boner.

When Tru Kait Brazzers notices what Keiran’s trying to hide she becomes so turned on that she wants to see his hard cock, unable to resist sucking on it before the cheating pair fuck each other’s brains out!