Kenna James, Veronica Weston – Locked Out


Kenna James, wearing only a towel, receives a call just as she’s about to get into the shower. Whoever’s calling, it had better be good, she says to herself. She picks up the phone, saying hello. She listens for a moment. ‘You know, you have a lot of nerve calling here after the way you broke up with me,’ Kenna says angrily into the phone. Whatever…those just sound like a bunch of excuses to her, Kenna continues speaking to the unseen caller. So what does she want anyway? Kenna asks, annoyed. She listens to the caller’s response. Her gold necklace?! Kenna asks incredulously. ‘So let me get this straight: you didn’t call to apologize or even check up on me, you called to ask me if I have your stupid necklace?!’ Kenna asks as she looks around, noticing the necklace somewhere nearby. She grabs the necklace and opens her back door. She steps out onto the porch and throws the necklace into her backyard. She closes the door sharply, looking smug and satisfied. As the back door closes behind her, her towel remains around her but the edge gets caught in the closed door. Annoyed, she tries to pull it free, but to no avail. It becomes clear to Kenna that she can’t open the door because her towel is stuck in the lock. With growing alarm, she realizes that she also can’t go anywhere WITH the towel, since it’s not budging from the door.