Judy Jolie, Scarlett Johnson, Riley Reyes Truth Or Dare Massage


Three teenage girls, Riley Reyes, Scarlett Johnson, and Judy Jolie, are having a playful pillow fight in their underwear, giggling and enjoying themselves. It’s all fun and games between the girlfriends, although a truce is called once they’re worn out. As they settle, Riley suggests that they play a game of Truth Or Dare since that’s always a party classic. The three friends warm each other up by giving each other simpler truths and dares centered around their crushes on boys. Judy admits to liking a guy named Alan while Scarlett is dared to actually send a text to her crush named Michael. Then Judy ups the ante by taking a topless picture of herself and posting it to her social media, thanks to a dare by Riley! Given how sexy their truths and dares are getting, Riley and Scarlett are both surprised when Judy simply dares Riley to give her a massage. Since it’s a super easy dare, Riley sidles up behind her friend and starts massaging her shoulders and back. Judy melts into the touch, almost in a trance. Seeing how into it they are, Scarlett laments that she’s jealous — she’s the birthday girl, so where’s HER massage? Riley and Judy playfully agree, teaming up to give Scarlett a sensual massage.

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